मिथिला मे उद्यमशीलता पर मंथन सभा सँ दक्ष युवा प्रतिभाक अपेक्षा

मिथिला मे उद्यमशीलता सम्बन्धित विषय पर मिथिला मिरर नेशनल कन्क्लेव पर युवा विचार

– विकास वत्सनाभ

Mithila has been the land of knowledge and culture. Here is wisdom in the soil and the sacrament in the water. But, the Globalization and political apathy have forced the youth here to migrate for earning a livelihood.

In the era of Machine & Technology, the budding talents of this locality have substantially suffered to achieve the skill and assets required to get employment. The lack of institutions and initiative by government to equip them to stand in this fiercely competitive world has resulted in mass migration which leads to degradation in socio-cultural heritage and inherent economic base.

In such untimely conditions, this event by Mithila Mirror is certainly a remarkable endeavor, where it is expected to discuss the possibility of industry and entrepreneurship in Mithila. Such interactive programme could inculcate the instinct of startups in Mithila which is much required for the economic sustainability.

The youth of Mithila has great potential. They have proven their talents and ability at different levels. Today’s requirement is that they should be given training, encouragement, and an opportunity to have a final say in every walk of life.

I am confident that the​ conclave ​will​ bridge the gap​ ​between the Maithil youngsters and the startups. Youngsters, who are looking forward to a repeatable and scalable business model to strengthen the economic base of Mithila by empowering self-employ-ability and sustainability.

It feels my heart with joy and hope. I wish all the very best to Mithila Mirror Team.