अपन बारे

This news portal is dedicated for Maithili language. Maithili is spoken in Mithila region of both India and Nepal. A very ancient language (Maithili) and ancient cultural civilization (Mithila) known from Vedic age still lives in globe. However, because of no proper attention and support from governments of two countries, due to not providing primary education in instruction of Maithili, not giving the courses materials even as a compulsory subject, doing undue politics on issue of variations in dialects of Maithili language; this classical languge is on verge of death today. It is feared that Maithili may become an omitted language in coming few years. Hence this news portal aims to publish and store huge contents in Maithili. Also spread this language among new generation Maithili speaking peoples, focus on Mithila news and let people read their own literatures as maximum as possible. This news portal also aims to conserve the cultural identity of Maithils. Maithils are known for their sharp learning skills. They are very dilligent and mostly very much intelligent and honest. As per Puranas, Maithil Kings like Janakas remained as the root shelter for self-knowledge. It looks that these traditions of learning and spreading spiritual knowledge still found in the genes of Maithil peoples. History is evident that various Hindu scriptures are written in Mithila. 4 out of 6 Shastras (षट्शास्त्र) are written here including Nyaya, Mimansa, Saankhya and Vaisheshik. In recent times, change in patterns of education have really changed various things. The originality of their learning skills still working as usually, their intellects and hard labor for self respects prove how generous they were ever, on these properties alone they have migrated and live throughout the globe today. So, to keep them together and let them not forget their own values as well as their own native language, Maithili Jindabaad news portal has been established by Shri Pravin Narayan Choudhary, a staunch lingual-cultural activist from Biratnagar (Nepal) in 2015. It promotes language, literature, culture and overall Mithila civilization and Maithil identity to let this human world get maximum benefits as got since time immemorial.