मैथिली जिन्दाबाद केर पाठक लेल विशेष – एक पुरान रचनाक संग!!

ukkaa loliऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!
भरथि प्रभु खुशी सऽ सभके झोली!
मिलिजुलि सभ दिस स्वच्छ बनाबू-२
स्वागत करू सुर टोली!
ऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!

काम-क्रोध के दीप जराबू, अहंकार के तेल।
मद-मोहक सभ अग्नि समर्पित-२,
खेलू खुशीके होली!
ऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!

आपकीर्त सभ पाप नष्ट हो, करू समर्पण आइयो।
पुनः शपथ कर्मठता खातिर -२
मारू लोभ के गोली!
ऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!

पशु पावैन कय प्रेम के सनेश जानू यौ सभ मानुख।
ईशके सृष्टि अन्योन्याश्रय-२
बाजू मीठहि बोली!
ऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!

बहिन भाइ लेल आशीष माँगथि भरदुतिया इ सुन्दर।
अहुँ जन्म के मोल बुझब यौ-२
बनब सेवक के टोली!
ऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!

मिथिला माय के कोखि सऽ जन्मल सुनु यौ मैथिल मित।
छथि कानैथ जँ माय हमर आइ-२
जुनि भरु झूठ रंगोली!
ऊक्का लोली लोली लोली!

A singing expression while burning an effigy in Mithila named Uk/Ook!
May Lord bless with Divine Bliss to all!
Get united to wash off the dirt from all around!
And, welcome the Divine Deities!
Burn the effigy with pleasant mood!

Burn the flames of lust and anger with oil of egotism!
Offer arrogance and attachments to the fires!
And, play Holi with divine pleasures!
Burn the effigy with pleasant mood!!

Let the sins exhaust, surrender at His refuge even now!
Take an oath for commitment and sincerity to perform righteous actions!
And, forget all greed!
Burn the effigy with pleasant mood!

Worshiping animals – message of love for all, know this o human beings!
God has created everything interrelated!
And, please speak sweet/soft.
Burn the effigy with pleasant mood!

Sisters praying for blessings for brothers, what a beautiful festival of Bhratri Dwitiya really!
You ought to understand the worth of life!
And thus become the volunteers to serve entire mankind!
asant mood!

You are born on earth, do listen me O friends!
If our motherland – earth is weeping….
Don’t fill the colors for shows, please!!
Burn the effigy with pleasant mood!

Harih Harah!

Today, on special day of Deepavali, may we all take His refuge and welcome His blissful presence within self. Let’s greet all and burn the effigy of lust, anger, arrogance, greed, attachments and fears for now and forever!!

Greetings for all!

Pravin Narayan Choudhary
& मैथिली जिन्दाबाद Family!