मानवीय सहयोग केर अपील: मैथिली स्रजक डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ

बंगलौर, अक्टुबर १३, २०१५. मैथिली जिन्दाबाद!!

kumar padmanabhएकटा मर्मस्पर्शी अपील काल्हि सँ फेसबुक पर वायरल भऽ रहल अछि। आइआइटियन डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ जिनक बहुत रास योगदान मैथिली भाषा एवं साहित्य प्रति कैल गेल अछि, ओ पत्नीक स्वास्थ्य गंभीर अवस्था मे रहबाक जानकारी करबैत ‘शीघ्रातिशीघ्र मानवीय सहयोग’ केर अपील केलनि अछि।

हुनकर पोस्ट जे अंग्रेजी मे निम्न उल्लेखित रूप मे अछि ताहि अनुसार पत्नीक लीवर पूर्ण रूप सँ बेकाजक होयबाक कारण अति शीघ्र प्रत्यारोपण सँ दोसर लिवर लगेबाक आवश्यकता रहबाक बात चिकित्सकीय सल्लाह मुताबिक स्पष्ट कैल गेल अछि। हुनक पत्नी जे एक ९ वर्षीय बालक केर माय सेहो थिकी, हुनकर जीवन पर उपरोक्त कारण सँ खतरा बनि गेल अछि।

डा. कुमार पद्मनाभक मुताबिक एहि प्रत्यारोपण शल्य क्रिया मे कम सँ कम ३० लाख रुपयाक जरुरति अस्पताल द्वारा कहल गेल अछि। एहि मे सँ डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ विभिन्न स्रोत सँ करीब १५ लाख जमा कय चुकला अछि। शेष १५ लाख लेल ओ मानवीय सहयोगक आकस्मिक आवश्यकता दिशि इशारा करैत अपन पत्नीक जीवन रक्षा हेतु सब केँ आगू आबि सहयोग करबाक अपील केलनि अछि।

डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ परिवार सहित बंगलोर मे रहैत छथि। हुनक मित्र मंडली व परिचित वर्ग द्वारा एहि आकस्मिक वांछित मानवीय सहयोग प्रति सहानुभूतिपूर्वक सहयोग करबाक बात फेसबुक पर देल अपील मुताबिक स्पष्ट अछि। मैथिली जिन्दाबाद व एकर संपादक प्रवीण नारायण चौधरी केर तरफ सँ सेहो एकटा आम अपील कैल जा रहल अछि जे यथाशक्ति-तथाभक्तिक अतिरिक्तो डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ द्वारा किछु प्रोपर्टीज आदि मोर्टगेज करैत कर्जा केर रूप मे पर्यन्त सहयोग शीघ्र उपलब्ध करेबाक माँग केँ पूरा करैत एकटा परिवार केँ टूटय सँ बचाबी।

मैथिली-मिथिला प्रति समर्थन भावना रखनिहार प्रत्येक जनगणमन सँ निवेदन जे एहि अत्यन्त मानवीय कार्य मे आगाँ बढिकय सहयोग करी। सहयोग हेतु डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ निम्न विवरण उपलब्ध करौने छथि।

डा. कुमार पद्मनाभ केर अपील: हुनकर सम्पर्क नंबर: ९९८६० ७९०७५

An appeal from Kumar Padmanabh: save my wife:

My Wife Alpana’s liver has failed completely. In the present condition she would not be able to survive beyond 2-6 months. She can survive only by liver transplant that would cost 30+ lacks (latest quotation from hospital). From my personal and family resources, I am able to collect Rs. 15 Lacks. Additional 15 Lacs is a challenge. I don’t want to disappoint my 9 years old son. With this message I am requesting you to help me financially to save her life (please see details below).

Dear All;

Last year on 31st October 2014, my wife was diagnosed with (PSC) Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis, it is an autoimmune disease in which immune system of body itself attack liver. This has been known to human kind for last 100 years however, there is no medicine invented for this yet. This is a progressive disease and mean survival age after diagnosis is 7 years (median is 10 years). Only solution is “liver transplant”. Having heard transplantation timeline, I was kind of relaxed as it would have been required after 7-10 years. However on last Sunday she was feeling uncomfortable and doctor anticipated that she might require immediate hospitalization.
However, when we took her to BGS hospital, Bangalore, a team of doctor concluded that her liver had completely failed, because her disease (PSC) was very aggressive. If liver transplantation is not done immediately then her survival would not go beyond 2-6 months.

Hospital maintains global level of transparency and standards for Liver transplantation. In India each state maintains the list of patients and availability of cadaveric liver. In Karnataka waiting list is around 6 months. However luckily in Telangana it is 3-4 weeks. We need to shift her immediately to list her in the waiting list in Hyderabad. She needs to wait in Hyderabad for cadaveric liver to arrive. Transplant hospitalization takes around 20 days and healing time is around 7 weeks. However good news is, liver transplant has been very successful. 10 year survival after transplant is 85% and it is improving. After transplant patient lives completely a normal life. Even people can play sports. However, biggest problem is finance.

Total cost of surgery is only 30 Lacks. Additionally for first 6 month of medicine would cost 40K per month. I have started working 9 years back on 21st August 2006. At this age group there are EMIs and other liabilities to arrange Rs. 30+ Lacks at once. However, I am able to arrange 15 lacks from my personal saving, from family and personal loan. Medicine cost would come from monthly salary. However I am struggling to get remaining 15 Lacks. I am writing this email to seek financial help from you. Kindly remember 15 lacks is a big amount. However, I have a trust on power of collectiveness. If 300 people decide to help then even contribute of 5K from each, it is still achievable.

My wife choose to marry me in spite of I was just a PhD student and I was earning just 10,000 per month as a scholarship in year 2004. With her support and love, I was able to finish my PhD from IIT in just 2 years 8 months (average time is 4 years 6 months). She did not demand anything from me. However she gave me everything that I could have expected. Without her support I would have never come this far. Now from a beautiful lady she has turned into merely a skeleton. Her liver is not able to filter toxins and last week her brain was also affected to an extent that she was not able to recognize me. Among all unpleasant acme on her face her beautiful eyes is still vouching that she wanted to live and enjoy life. She is not yet 40. I have 9 years old son, I don’t want to disappoint him just due to money.

Kindly help me financially as soon as possible. No amount is small. I cannot be shy at this difficult time. I am keeping all options open.

1. You can give me substantial amount (say 50K or more) as a loan on personal credit. I have a plot in Bangalore, I will sell it off and pay you back within 12 months. At this moment I cannot afford to wait until it is sold.

2. You can give me merely as a “donation”. Kindly remember, every drop counts at this moment. Please don’t’ shy.

3. If you want to send me in foreign currency kindly send me a personal message. I will let you know the account details separately.

4. Please add any random “paise” on the money you are contributing and message me personally so that I am able to track your money which will help me to return it back. For example, if you decide to give me a loan of 40K. Instead of 40000, send me 40000.83 and message me that you have deposited Rs. 40000.83.

Kindly note until or unless I deposit all money, hospital will not admit my wife. Therefore, please decide immediately and do whatever is possible.

Following are the bank details:

Name of account holder: “Kumar Padmanabh”
Name of Bank: ICICI Bank;
Account Number: 000-205-021-739
Type of account: Current Account
Bank IFSC Code: ICIC0000002,
Bank MICR Code: 560229002

I know most of my friends are in my age group only and hence would be difficult to spare money which would have been planned for routine activities. However, this is how I can save my wife.

Just in case if you are unable to contribute, please pray for her, and please pray for me. It is more essential than money.

Kumar Padmanabh

PS: If I am unable to take your call, please don’t mind. I will call you back at appropriate time.