धर्म पर विवेकानंद केर विचार: एक अंग्रेजी लेख

Don’t Make a Hotchpotch of Religion: S. Vivekanand

Swami_Vivekananda_JaipurWith most people religion is a sort of intellectual assent and goes no further than a document. I would not call it religion. It is better to be an atheist than to have that sort of religion. Religion does not depend on our intellectual assent or dissent. You say there is a soul. Have you seen the soul? How is it we all have souls and do not see them? You have to answer the question and find out the way to see the soul. If not, it is useless to talk of religion. If any religion is true, it must be able to show us the soul and show us God and the truth in ourselves. If you and I fight for all eternity about one of these doctrines or documents, we shall never come to any conclusion. People have been fighting for ages, and what is the outcome? Intellect cannot reach there at all. We have to go beyond the intellect; the proof of religion is in direct perception.

To be religious, you have first to throw books overboard. The less you read of books, the better for you; do one thing at a time. It is a tendency in Western countries, in these modern times, to make a hotchpotch of the brain; all sorts of unassimilated ideas run riot in the brain and form a chaos without ever obtaining a chance to settle down and crystallize into a definite shape. In many cases it becomes a sort of disease, but this is not religion. Then some want a sensation. Tell them about ghosts and people coming from the North Pole or any other remote place, with wings or in any other form, and that they are invisibly present and watching over them, and make them feel uncanny, then they are satisfied and go home; but within twenty-four hours they are ready for a fresh sensation. This is what some call religion. This is the way to the lunatic asylum, and not to religion. The Lord is not to be reached by the weak, and all these weird things tend to weakness. Therefore go not near them; they only make people weak, bring disorder to the brain, weaken the mind, demoralize the soul, and a hopeless muddle is the result.

You must bear in mind that religion does not consist in talk, or doctrine, or books, but in realization; it is not learning, but being. Everybody knows, “Do not steal”, but what of it? that man has really known who has not stolen. Everybody knows, “Do not injure other”, but of what value is it? Those who have not done so have realized it, they know it and have built their character on it. Religion is realizing; and I will call you a worshiper of God when you have become able to realize the Idea. Before that it is the spelling of the word, and no more. It is this power of realization that makes religion. No amount of doctrines or philosophies or ethical books, that you may have stuffed into your brain, will matter much, only what you are and what you have realized. So we have to realize religion, and this realization of religion is a long process.