वीरगंज मे हालहि घटल घटना – मुस्कान नाम्ना बचियाक ऊपर एसिड अटैक केँ समर्पित एक विशेष रचना

२६ सितम्बर २०१९. मैथिली जिन्दाबाद!! 

हालहि वीरगंज मे घटित एक वीभत्स एसिड अटैक कांड केर पीड़िता ‘मुस्कान’ लेल समर्पित एकटा सुन्दर लेख – अंग्रेजी मेः लेखिका “भावना चौधरी, विराटनगर, नेपाल” – हाल वीआईटी, वेल्लोर अपन कालेज सँ –

To the illiterate boys out there who think throwing acid on a girl’s face will destroy their life. To those who think destroying girl’s external beauty will destroy her life too.. .

It’s time girls realize those fools can only destroy their outer self, they will still find their inner self just as beautiful as before. Let’s hear the voice of a confident girl who went through acid attack but still has her spirits high, high enough to conquer the world.

I am just as beautiful as before.

I’m not supposed to say but Yes, I am beautiful.
Amazed? Thinking of how can someone be beautiful even after acid attack?
So listen haters, I was, am and always will be beautiful.
The skin I’m wearing might make you think I’m not.
But look inside, you moron, I am just as beautiful as before.

You threw acid on my face, I know.
My skin burns and it hurts, I know.
But this pain is temporary, unlike my happiness.
Because my happiness is independent of everyone.
I decide to be happy and no one else can take it away from me.
I might look ugly with that burn on my face
But trust me, I am just as beautiful as before.

These scars might remain forever on my face,
It might make people feel disgusted, not me.
For me, these are reminders.
They’ll remind me of how strong I’m.
I did not and I will not stop myself from moving on.
These will remind me, that I am just as beautiful as before.