In Memory of Great Scholar Pt. Sureshwar Jha

In memory of Great Pt. Sureshwar Jha
(पंडित सुरेश्वर झा केर पुण्यतिथि पर विशेष स्मरण)
In 2016, Pt. Sureshwar Jha – a great scholar and writer from Mithila left this worldly abode. Just 4 days before I was fortunate to have a small meeting with great man. It was fortunately during my visit to attend the event of the exposure ceremony of the installed sculpture of great ancient scholar Vachaspati Mishra in his village known as Thadhi in Madhubani district of India.
A Group Photo with Pt. Sureshwar Jha at Bhamati Vachaspati Smriti Bhawan at Thadhi Village on 16th March 2016

This journey cannot ever be forgotten as I got an opportunity to meet several renowned scholars, one of whom was Pt. Sureshwar Jha and it was he who inspired the people of Thadhi village to do something noticeable in sight of the world to let people know your generosity – the richness of your ancient people, like Vachaspati Mishra who elaborately defined Brahma Sutra and dedicated the book to his devoted wife Bhamati. And, likewise the people of this great village started an inspirational journey by deciding to make the sculpture of great Vachaspati. It was the ceremony of unveiling the sculpture of Vachaspati on 16th March 2016. That day Pt. Sureshwar Jha expressed gratitude to the sons of Thadhi for doing this great work. He had very clearly stated that there were more two Vachaspatis in Mithila and he even named their villages, birth-places, work-places and gave a call to the people of those places to think in similar way Thadhi’s sons have done by installing a great memorable depiction of Vachaspati in their village. By doing this, the village has been well brought to the map of world’s renowned places where great scholars are/were born. Pt. Jha in his 90’s smiled and said, “If I remain alive, I will also see those villages have Vachaspati’s memorable depiction installed in their villages too.”

Alas! Just after 4 days, i.e. on 20th March, we got a very sad news that Pt. Sureshwar Jha left this world for heaven. I was fortunate enough to record some of his scholarly deliveries off the program’s stage. I salute this great soul and again and again I bow down to the great soul of such a great scholar, wherever he be, he rests in peace. May his dreams come true! May we people of Mithila understand what he actually wanted us to do. I have been proposing to every village and brave sons of these villages to please understand the significance of the teaching such people who inspire us to do memorable things for departed great souls of our places, this will surely bring prosperity to you and your Mithila. God bless you all!
Harih Harah!!